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2017... Peace be unto you!

Iman Ramadan3 Comments

I'm not gon lie...F U 2017. Ok, more like bitter sweet... why is life like that? why cant it be just sweeeet!!???

Self Awareness, new perspectives, blah blah... uggggh, It's painful. If you're a perfectionist Virgo such as myself it's doubly painful. It's very easy to point fingers up, down and around looking for a culprit and difficult to turn the trigger finger inward. And even if you've managed to turn the finger inward and identify your culpability the most excruciating part is to try and do something about it. Like... change that sh*t. Like try to never do it again. Clean up the past with acceptance, apologies and then change. FOH, most of us will die never doing it! That's a super fact for you.

2017 positive- My Favorite rapper released his best album this year, you might've heard of him... if not, you had to have heard the album, 4:44 ? No? Well, It was revolutionary! You'd agree If you were paying attention, however, I'm unapologetically-unconcerned with your thoughts on the matter. No offense. Also please note* this is the part where I'd usually insert an "LOL" to lighten the mood... ya know? But I've been digging this saying rolling around on the gram about skipping unnecessary LOL's. like yeah I said it. Handle it.

  I digress... back to the revolution. Apparently, it SHALL be televised. I know we all gasped at the rebellious declaration that no matter your complexion, accomplishments or bank account, in this country, you are and will always be a Nigger. Or his calling out the ignorance of wasteful ie. strip club spending without financial security, but what I'm more impressed with is the calling out of his internal revolution or personal evolvement. The oppression we put on ourselves forever outweighs any outside oppression imaginable. I've learned It takes wisdom, maturity and more of all great COURAGE to go against that giant. And just like he led the culture from 4.0's to 4.6 Range Rovers and sports jerseys to button ups, the time travel from Big Pimpin to 4:44 is now. You may not applaud it but maybe it's because you too have some emotional work to do on the subject (Kanye shrug). Or maybe it doesn't apply to you! I'm a firm believer that everything ain't for everybody. Some things are cultural etc. So before you're quick to judge him (or me) for glorifying his mistakes and or "evolvement", maybe it's outside of the scope of your "soapbox"?  I personally am proud of the culture and it's evolution led by one of the pioneers in Hiphop. He could join the rest in talks of lean and bitches but why bother? Been there, done that. Plus, Future's got that covered. Don't get me wrong, as a self proclaimed "conscious" individual I thoroughly enjoy Future, however I'm in search of something greater... Growth, and 2017 delivered.  2017's theme was growth. "Even Grass grows, baby!" My father once said to me,  "Black Love is Revolutionary!". I love how Jay attempts to move the culture full circle by exposing his own mistakes and psychological issues. Selfishly, I'm sure his dominant goal was to save his own family.  But consequently, look how many followers the guy has acquired and for once he's actually leading them into a mindset that benefits the greater good! Hip Hop and it's community is GROWING and I'm damn proud! The revolution is deep and wide and layered, but when I think of growth, I don't only think of myself. What good is it to be enriched and enlightened alone? I want for my brother what I want for myself.  One step at a time, but those steps should follow a logical order.  "It starts with the preservation of the family and their ability to fight the schemes of the world set up to destroy it. A healthy community is made up of healthy families that multiply and release healthy offspring.", well said Dad. The Black Family is in strong need of a revolution and 4:44 is setting it off! Cue "Family Feud"!!! *Leans back, bops head/ wide loud clap

Ok I'm back- *Taps nail on table* 2017... the year of painful growth, Glad I'm not alone... Thx Hov!

Admittedly, If I'm in my truthful right mind life is exactly sweet. I mothered a whole human for four consecutive seasons. He had the most amazing first Birthday surrounded by the love of our family and friends and the memories are priceless. I took an incredible trip to Florence Italy, made some new and grew closer to some old friends alike. Oh and I started this here blog! :) If you know me then you know if I'm not in a creative space of some sorts, death is upon me... so that's a big deal. Maternity leave is half a dream come true half watching paint dry.  Also, Does the acquisition of a few very key wardrobe pieces count at all? After all, this is a fashion blog correct? Well... Let me tell you..!!! 

And just like that, a few minutes of reflection bring me right back to gratitude. Sweet overrides the bitter because the Mercy of God knows NOOO bounds! Nothing is promised, nothing is owed. It's all a test.  I had some incredible tests this year, which I suppose I would not take back. I couldn't if I wanted to. I'd love to take back the beautiful lives lost this long year, however. My BFF lost her Mom early on and a great guy I once knew lost his battle to Cancer, Still... Life is sweet.

Can we take a break 2018?!?! No? ok fine- *Pounds chest then says oww "Let's do this!"

Growth, it takes sleeve rolling work! It's one of those things in life we MUST give great attention if we are to ever really push ourselves to new heights. Growth," If you don't grow you're dead." It's not only about purging and cutting people off and all the exterior things but the best and and strongest change shall be made within if you are to ever receive real honest results. Join me. Stalling my growth is a waste of time and who has time to waste. One of my fav bloggers was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer a few months ago (sooo many prayers for her and her family) ,and again I have a feisty toddler who turned ONE this year. King Mansa Musa and all his splendor has become the reason why I breathe and It's hard to imagine a purpose in life without him. I have work to do... lots and lots of work and so little time.

Hello 2018!!!!!


Work in Progress,

AKA the freshest- Please don't forget about the Frresh! Haaaaaa!! 

SEEEEE Below- Some of my Fav Fresh Moments of 2017. Who said you had to quit the Frrrresh while doing the work!!?!? Surely Not I. Blessings to you all in 2018!!! Cheers to Growth!