Iman Ramadan

I NEVER wanted to be a Blogger...

Iman Ramadan



What's up guys?! So glad you could join me! I promise it will be anything but a bore. But hear me out, please!!. When it comes to this "fashion blogger" thing I'm kinda like Jay-Z Aka Hov...(say it with me real fast) I coulda been a blogger before bloggers was blogging this Fresh like 10yrs ago... now guess how I'm feeling!? DUMBO!! LOL


No seriously here's the story, I officially started blogging nearly 10 years ago for I was working as a Part-time Stylist, Part-time Print Model/Commercial Actress, Boutique Owner, and Nonprofit Exec in New York City (don't judge me), when I sashayed into the legendary and  then Editor, Emil (Hey Emil XO) Wilbekin's office in the Time Warner building. He was putting together a Fashion segment of his blog section and he asked Moi to speak her POV! I love to write, I love fashion, it was a No Brain'er. The Fresh Hotel was born. I wrote about everything... Blog titles such as "Vintage shopping 101 to 202", my fav, "Death to Red Bottoms" and "I'm already Home"- (actually I think I'll re-post a few so you can see for yourself1 :-) Difference then, was it was not surrounding ME and photos of MYself! It was about dispensing knowledge and pictorials of how to accomplish your "Fresh" goals. I acquired some quality followers and then boom... it was over. Essence went another route with their blog sections and I was onto the next- See above lists lol.


Fast forward to a time where everyday Fashion girls like myself began chronicling their "OOTD's" and quitting their day job to do it and the rest is history. The more the merrier was NOT my philosophy. It seemed as if everyone in the world began blogging. I honestly did not believe the world needed ANOTHER pretty girl dressed up in photos! And while I greatly enjoyed many blogs it just didn't feel right for me. I never much preferred modeling either if I'm all the way honest. It can be a very vulnerable occupation and never seemed to feed my creative juices. No offense, but I wanted nothing to do with Blogging or the hashtag OOTD. Friends and Family, Business Associates and strangers alike would all ask why I wasn't blogging and I couldn't quite give them a good answer... :-(


There's no good answer... Lol except... I'm A FOOOOL! Pride will kill you, won't it?! One of my closest friends started her blog some 3 odd years ago. I was there. She began Blogging about the most adorable little curly head baby named London Scout. You've probably heard of her because... she's just... uh... KILLING THE GAME! (Hey Guys! *waves and cheeses hard*) If you haven't seen this curly head duo, now trio (enter Rio... HA!), then you've been under a Social rock, which is fine but when you come up please check them out... @scoutfashion or !!! (I mean... gone are the days when Sai and I would walk down those mean Dumbo, cobblestone streets with Swedish fish in our pockets to get the right shot. Hahaha, Good times…).


So here we are, almost 10yrs later a fool emerges with something to prove. I'm obsessed with Fashion It makes me happy... I just really enjoy the expression of mood, creativity and statements made by the layering of cloth. It won’t be your average POV, I promise! Rock with me... this ain't the show; I'm just E.Q'n it!!! :) Name that line!


Either way...


                                              WELCOME TO THE---------- FRESHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


I.R. (Ps- if you missed it on IG see "The Warm up" below)