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Exclusively Fresh!

Iman RamadanComment

One week into the new year and I'm still on a high! Oh the possibilities...

So a little note about me is, I'm not realllllyyy into popular designers. I meannn of course the holy grails of fashion such a CHANEL and... I'll let you name them do an amazing job which is why they are who they are, but I crave something a different. Something I'm potentially violating with a blog, a post like this,... Exclusivity! I have forever been torn since a young girl between trends and individuality. I mean as far back as BEAR bubble coats... anybody remember them?! I refused to own one! I needed a coat, I wanted to be cool, but the idea of having the same coat in any color as everyone just made my blood boil at the tender age of 13. I opted for the Eddie Bauer Version and that went well if I say so myself. It was the start of my creative journey and I haven't looked back since.

Now don't get me wrong. I love a Gucci shoe as much as the next sucker it's just... I have to dilute my wardrobe with rare designers to offset the idea of being swallowed by the fray. No offense to you label whores out there Lol! Do you! But this here is the FRESH Hotel and if you're reading this then you want to know about me! I get high off creativity, being creative and in finding it in others. I Looooove incorporating obscure designers with the not so obscure. And  even the mere discovery of an amazing up and coming designer makes high.

My Bro Cory is the male version of myself, my Son's God Father and my fashion spirit Animal! Luckily for you, he's recently jumped into this Blogging game and if want it like I dish it, check him out on the gram @intheworldiknow and thank me later!

My latest obsession, whom my Bro put me on to Katya Dobryakova located on Broome St in NYC is everything. Check out the pieces I got below and how I styled them!